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In The Beginning...

A dream begins to take shape. An idea I have had for quite some time is to create a music club where musicians could meet, share ideas, educate one another and perform. A place where rudeness wasn't allowed, people had to bring a positive, contributing vibe with them and respect the experience level and skills of all members. A place where musicians who weren't performing elsewhere could come and perform. A place where both audio and video recordings could be made to assist its members in promoting themselves.

This place is finally coming into physical reality as we open Music Club in the old downtown district of Middletown, OH. We are building our stage and beginning to tell people about our idea. Those who have heard are responding positively. For this first year membership in Music Club is free. All who join in our first year will be founding members and will help to shape what Music Club will be. I am excited about the prospects and look forward to meeting all of you as we build a great place to grow and perform.

Don Rumford
Executive Producer, Music Club
October 2011

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